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Raising Industry Standards Equitably

RISE is a FREE, donation-based, theatre arts program designed for high school and college students, helping to bridge the gap between the institution and the industry. RISE was created to make business and career related information and topics accessible, where students are free to ask questions and gain the knowledge for a sustainable career in the theatre.

Our talkbacks can be curated specifically for each school's needs or we offer a general talkback covering a wide list of topics. 

Talkbacks are one (1) hour, but can be altered depending on scheduling and class size. 

Talkback Questions:

What is equitable theatre? 

How can you spread equitability in your community?

How can you prepare for the industry once out of school?


Talkback Topics: 

Headshots and Resumes

Agents and Managers

Classes and Casting

Social Media

Finances and Taxes

Website and Reels

Being your own advocate 

Navigating industry expectations.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 


Our panel of professionals have years of experience, are currently working in the industry, and share practical, real life, information. 

Have a topic you want to discuss that's not on our list? Let us know!

To schedule your talkback or to get more information, please fill out our Talkback Request Form and our education staff will be in touch with you!  

Help coARTS continue to bridge the gap by contributing today!

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