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We've been approved. We are officially a 501(c)3 non profit organization! 

Who We Are

A non profit organization created to truly make a difference in arts and education.

CoARTS is committed to upholding equitable practices throughout the Los Angeles theatre and arts community through inventive and quality theatrical productions, effective educational programs and classes, and examining humanity through all creative art forms.

Special Note

coARTS was formed out of the growth and success of the The Actor's Establishment. Created at the height of the COVID19 pandemic, The Actor's Establishment was an online collaboration space that included a virtual acting studio, workshops and masterclasses, and served as a haven for actors and artists to harness their work, stay creatively active, and express their own artistic interpretations. Thank you to The Actor’s Establishment and its members’ incredible resilience and desire to “keep on working” during a devastating time for theatre. We, at coARTS, will continue to uphold the The Actor's Establishment mission as we cultivate our endeavors in this excitingly new step forward.

What We Do

coARTS brings together a community of artists and actors inspired by their craft to do better. No only for themselves, but for those within and around their community. Creating safe spaces for aspiring young artists to express their true authentic selves; building theatre arts classes that allow actors and artists to express their own individuality and artistic interpretations, and advocating for better working environments for actors within the Los Angeles theatre industry. Together we can do better.

Our programming includes theatre, arts education (for all levels of experience), and the visual arts.

How We Do It 

Through your help and with the help of our friends and donors, coARTS looks to create three main areas of focus:

Theatre Arts: During the summer months, coARTS will produce a variety of theatrical productions, giving opportunity to those all of all ages, to find their place on the stage, and give back to their community. During the Spring and Fall, coARTS looks forward to sponsoring other theatre companies that may not have an artistic home. This program is designed to help bring back theatre after the devastation our community has suffered due to the pandemic. 

Education: Our classes and masterclasses are being crafted for artists and actors of all kinds. This includes: Acting, Musical Theatre, Script Analysis, Movement, and many more. coARTS offers a myriad of classes taught by professionals trained in a wide range of specific skills. We are committed to giving every person a platform to expand their abilities, discover new avenues of growth, and find or reconnect with the artist within. 

Arts Education should be made available to anyone who wants it. Therefore, coARTS Group will be launching a FREE program geared toward underserved communities who are looking to engage their creativity and pursue their passions.

Visual Arts: Our visual art gallery will be a revolving door of local artists ready to show off their talents. Through every avenue of the visual arts, we hope to display and curate exhibits, host special events and offer visual art classes to the members of our community.

Together, We Can Do Better!

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